REDS/ Broken Reds
Twin Barns Coral
Red Jr doe
6th/25 ARBA 2013
3 Generations Kharma Sr Doe
Can you believe she is black based
and out of an entire pedigree of
Twin Barns Dimitri
Twin Barn's Gwen X Loan's Bobby
3 BOVs first showings
Great texture and color.
Mini Rex Nationals
Best and Best Opp
Twin Barn's Ambrosia
Twin Barn's STOP
Sr doe, Sr Buck
Pictured Below
Twin Barn's Ambrosia
BOV Red 2015
Twin Barn's Apple
Red Sr Doe
BOV Red 2013 ARBA
1st place Jr doe at MR Nationals 2013
Out of TB Folly X TB Dimitri
Beautiful red doe with amazing color.
Twin Barn's Antoinette
SRC's Uptown Girl X TB's
Now living with Valarie, helping
a 4-her start a red project
Twin Barn's STOP
TB's Coral X TB's Radar
BOSV Mini Rex Nationals 2015
Now living with the Deborah
A side project that I don't
breed too many of but am
chugging along!
Humphries/Monahan HM81 "Bonsai"
Brkn Red Jr doe
From Noble Fur, Iris Patch and
Redelman lines.
Thanks Kim for finding her for us.
Showed at a dbl show and got 5th/19
both times!  Happy with that for a
broken red. Getting babies from her
Twin Barn's Pinto
Sr Buck
Out of a booted red doe bred to a
Charlie red buck (both TB lines with
the help of Susie Loan's broken
Love the shotgun pattern
Now Living with  Dawn W.
Twin Barn's Charo and Casanova
Sr doe/Sr buck littermates
Humphries/Monahan HM81 (Brkn
Red) X TB's Winter (charlie Red)
Thanks to the dam we are putting
some fur on these broken reds.
Twin Barn's Mona and TB's Lisa
Broken Red doe Litter mates
Almost Sr does
Working on fur as the type has
been easier to come.
Twin Barn's Radar
Red Sr Buck
Out of TB's Antoinette X Elite's Red
Reject (red out of castors)
Using him with my reds to add fur
and hdqtr.
BOV RED Mini Rex Nationals 2014
Twin Barn's Folly
Out of TB Twinkie and a
Kilander Red buck
SUPER red color.
Mother of Apple BOV red
ARBA 2013
Twin Barn's Raspberry
4th pl Red Sr doe MR Nationals
1st place doe day after show.
TB Rosie X Elite's Red Reject
Mini Rex Nationals
Same location as 2015
Best and Best
Opposite Red Mini
Twin Barn's Tawdry
Twin Barn's Foxx