For Sale Rabbits will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
Rabbits will require a 50% deposit within three days of sale, or
payment in full is preferred but not mandatory.  Paypal is available.

All rabbits are entered with cooping/showing fee already
included in the price unless otherwise indicated.
Sales Policy
Twin Barn's Elmo
Red almost Sr Buck
DOB: 10/10/19
Twin Barn's Cranberry (red) X Twin
Barn's Red Foxx (red)

**Brother to auction buck Rodeo**

Cleanest color of the three being
offered in advance. Substantial
buck with good fur and density

Twin Barn's Gershwin
Red almost sr buck
DOB: 10/10/19
Twin Barn's Gherkin (red) X Twin
Barn's Porter ( red)
Very substantial and deepest of
the red bucks being offered.  He is
however the smuttiest.  Great
bucky head. I am keeping his
brother.  With any pairing I will use
a clean one so that the genetics
for a clean color is in there though
some offspring may be smutty.
Fur density is good though
blowing jr coat now.

Twin Barn's Picadilly
Red Jr buck
DOB: 11/9/19
Twin Barn's London (red) BOV  
RENO ARBA X Twin Barn's Radar  
(red) BOV Nationals '14

Typey little buck, slight smut but
generally clean appearing in color.
Parents are former BOV winners at
ARBA and Nationals past.

Mini Rex Nationals 2020