For Sale Rabbits will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
Rabbits will require a 50% deposit within three days of sale, or
payment in full is preferred but not mandatory.  Paypal is available.

All rabbits are entered with cooping/showing fee already
included in the price unless otherwise indicated.
Sales Policy
Twin Barn's Red Ryder
Red Young Sr Buck
DOB: 3/27/17
Twin Barn's Arugula (red) X Twin
Barn's Pickle (red)

Sire 1st place Jr buck in '16 ARBA
Picture does not show color well,
but he is a bit of a moremuted red
with some ear lacing.  His sire is
crystal clean.

Super type on this buck

Twin Barn's Rooster
Red Jr buck
DOB: 5/2/17
Twin Barn's Redwood (red) X Twin
Barn's Cinderella ( red)

Redwood goes back to Sandy
Burkert's castor line so color is not
bright red and has minor ear lacing.

Young rabbit with more
developing to do.

Twin Barn's Red Riding Hood
Red Jr doe
DOB: 3/12/17
Twin Barn's Arugula (red) X Twin
Barn's Pickle (red)

Sire 1st place red Jr Buck ARBA '16

Fur on this girl!

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Twin Barn's Anora
Red Jr doe
DOB: 4/8/17
Twin Barn's CIder (red) X TB
Ambrosia (BOV red '15

Pretty Jr doe out of my BOV
red doe from '15 Nationals

Will have very nice fur.

Twin Barn's Rosita
Red Sr Doe
DOB: 12/20/16
Twin Barn's Arugula (red) X Twin
Barn's Blush (red)

Bright red doe out of one of my
best producing Red does.

Twin Barn's Mouse
Proven Red Brood Doe
DOB: 3/27/16
Twin Barn's Boris (red) X Twin
Barn's Mickie (red)

Last litter 8/16, throws large litters

On a litter in this picture so not her
best look :-/
*Local pick up!  I live minutes from
the show hall. Can enter if
preferred and, add entry fee to
Twin Barn's Suede
Jr buck
DOB: 1/15/17
Twin Barn's Radar (BOV '14
Nationals) X TB's Laverne

Nice Jr buck with lots of depth.
Rescued this guy from the floor 2
days after we returned home home
from MR Nationals when he
disappeared from the nest
kinda sentimental about him, but I
can repeat and have lots of
requests for bucks!

Twin Barn's Black Tie
Black Jr Buck
Twin Barn's Indigo (blue) X Twin
Barn's Georgette (REW going back
to ARBA Youth TB's Gordon)

Young black buck with promising
type and fur.
short and deep
ears are 3 1/4", balance with topline